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Our mission at Mitee Smart Home is to integrate the latest in smart modern technology to your home that allows you to fully control your Environment, your Entertainment and your home and business Security with ease!

We believe that technology at its best should be simple, easy to use and free of remotes or other bulky devices. From controlling the temperature to dimming the lights or playing your favorite music station anywhere in your home or business, we provide you with simple voice commands that work from everywhere or if you prefer your mobile device or even the traditional pressing the switch with your hand.

Work from home with Mitee Smarts home office integration solutions and have the perfect video conference from lighting to sound or have a great home or business gym session with music and temperature controls all accounted for, all with a simple voice command!

Smart Technology not only helps you to control everything in your environment it also provides superior energy efficiency from making sure your yard gets the perfect amount of water, to making sure you use your appliances at optimal energy times, and ensuring you are optimally heating and cooling your home or business.

We can help you set the mood with full smart lighting controls and entertainment controls from playing the perfect music station for a party to controlling your outdoor water and lighting features all from one simple voice command!

Our technology is so easy to use, from the kids being able to turn on the TV and put on their favorite show to grandma being able to turn on the kitchen lights and preheat the stove all with a simple voice command and don’t worry you can set parental controls to make sure the kids are safe on the television and the internet.

From the best in smart home security such as locking your doors to motion detection security around your home, you can see it all right from your phone or Alexa device. Mitee Smart Provides you with simple and easy to use technology that provides you with peace of mind wherever you are! Not sure if you shut the garage, locked the front door or turned off the lights when you left the house or the office? Not a problem, see it all and do it all from your smart phone with a simple touch of a button or voice command!

Best of all, our technology never goes out of style or gets outdated. Providers are constantly improving technology. All Mitee Smart integrations automatically update to the latest voice technology has to offer and it keeps getting better everyday by learning your voice and commands – you may never touch a remote again!

Sincerely, The Mitee Smart Team

End-To-End Solutions


Install security cameras, doorbells with cameras and motion detector lights. Stream live coverage from anywhere on your mobile device. Record and communicate instantly. Set lights to a routine or timers. Lock your doors remotely.


Set up routines for your lifestyle. “Let’s Cook”, "Let’s Party", "Let’s Swim", “Good Night”, "Workout Beast Mode”, “Welcome Home”, "Movie Night". Each action customized to make your activity exactly the way you want it, the sound perfect, lights to optimal brightness, TV volume to perfect level, favorite music playing - on and on it’s your perfect routine. Make announcements throughout the home and set the mood with lighting and music, all from your mobile device or a voice command.


Install the latest TVs, projectors, and sound. Get the latest streaming devices. Voice control changing channels, volume and music.


We will customize an amazing easy to work system for your home or business to fit your needs and budget.


Straight pricing with no surprises. Virtual or on site appointments available.


Mitee smart is licenced ROC#332405.


We will be the for support after the sale.(Call center)

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